My newest article: Dying into Sonic Bliss: How the Potent Brew of Savasana and Music Changed My Life

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Dying into Sonic Bliss: How the Potent Brew of Savasana and Music Changed My Life

By Kristin Hoffmann


Savasana; otherwise known as “Corpse Pose.” The place at the end our our yoga practice where we lie down and let go, surrendering the body and the mind to the infinite, timeless soul-scape of nothingness.

A metaphorical death.

We have worked so hard through our practice, poured sweat as the inner cry pulls at our heart strings. We have done our best to stay present, casting the Ego aside again and again to reveal a plot of fertile open space where the sun can reach through…one clear moment in time where we can finally lie down and die into beingness.

Suddenly that last song starts to play. You know the one. Like slow, ethereal, angelic fingers, it massages into our bodies with harmonious ease. It reunites us with Source, realigns our pathways. And as we coast on it’s healing waves, we remember. We are understood. We are One.

I was 21 when I first dove into Savasana sonic bliss and experienced true healing at the core. As a musician, I had been signed to Capitol Records for almost 2 years. Although I stayed positive and humble on the outside, my mind and ego were working on overtime to continuously maintain the illusory balance and demands of the music industry. I was constantly on the go and full of endless ambitions and dreams, caught up in the fever of youth, determined for success.

At the same time, a seed of awareness began growing deep within; a knowledge that we are a part of something much larger and truly sacred. I began searching out different styles of meditation and eventually ended up in my first yoga classes at Integral Yoga and Jivamukti in New York City.

I immediately resonated with the warming flow and meditative routine of the sun salutations. The asanas taught me to be flexible and present, both on the mat and in my everyday life. But the truest growth and inward guidance came at the end of each practice when I stopped doing and allowed my walls to fall down, giving myself up to that last beautiful song time and time again. I loved experiencing what each teacher chose as their unique sonic message and offering for those final moments of class.

Ironically, song lyrics and melodies often seemed to speak right to themes that I was navigating in my daily life, offering guidance in voices and tones. I soaked in the deeper meanings and they helped me to process my outer experiences, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable. The echoes of those songs and the teachings they imbued, processed during moments of total peace and clarity, stayed with me like pathways of truth…a musical mirror.

Many years and Savasanas later, I continue to grow through my practice and surrender. So moved by my own Savasana experiences, I have now had the honor and calling to create musical soundscapes and sing to many open souls lying on the mat of life. I have seen lips form into smiles, tears roll down cheeks, hearts beat as one as we remember…

We are that voice…and quietly, we let it carry us home.

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PlntIGZ4abV8sOjST351sToZNeyo11e4wo_8ag1z3SE,jp7o9pe71NwNQZ03tq_Cu_YKhL8wNYE_tTBkAO4kTOA,_y4kZCxF4UBa7K7uOj3R2BVg7-l2GDZaIY5iCoSL2JAStarting at the age of 4, ethereal renaissance pop songstress and Juilliard trained multi-instrumentalist Kristin Hoffmann began building a prolific career that reads like a lifetime achievement award speech. In addition to stints at major record labels and song placements on hit TV shows like Dawson’s Creek and Palmetto Pointe, she has shared stages with The Wallflowers, Feist, Brandi Carlile and many other musical luminaries. With a strong sense of artistic altruism, she is most passionate about projects that explore music’s healing power and allow listeners to tap into their higher potentials.

Having studied with Sound Healing pioneer Fabian Maman, Hoffmann not only made music to accompany acupuncture sessions but also composed 170 songs for health-challenged children as a writer/producer at non-profit organization Songs of Love. A spokesperson for ocean conservation, she has performed her Song for the Ocean at environmental awareness conventions around the world. In 2011 she became the singer for Bella Gaia, a multimedia immersive theater experience created in conjunction with NASA. Her most recent work includes a self-produced album entitled The Human Compass (2012) and a symphonic collaboration with composer Marco Missinato called Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart.


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