USA Today Reviewed Upcoming Bella Gaia CD!

next show  -   BELLA GAIA @ KAUST University, Saudi Arabia

I was very excited to see a review posted today by USA Today for our upcoming Bella Gaia CD!  I am so excited myself about how the music has turned out and can’t wait for it to make a sonic entrance into the world this November!  You can learn more about Bella Gaia by clicking on PROJECTS on my website.  It was created by Kenji Williams and works in conjunction with NASA to offer an incredible multi-media experience featuring Planet Earth in all her glory AND challenges.  We are reminded, as humans, of our great responsibility as care takers, that we must think sustainably and act with awareness.

The upcoming Bella Gaia CD features Kenji Williams on violin and music programming, myself on vocals and piano, Deep Singh on drums, Yumi Kurosawa on Koto, and Lety ElNaggar on flutes and sax.  We will be having 2 official CD release/full show concerts in Oct and Dec on West and East Coasts.  Please click on SHOWS for more information.

Here is a link to the USA Today Article and a sneak peak of one of the songs from the CD!

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