Amazing Space (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Digital Release Today!!

next show  -   BELLA GAIA @ KAUST University, Saudi Arabia

I am beyond excited to announce the digital release of the Amazing Space Soundtrack today!  I sincerely hope that you will download and enjoy this music and I would love to hear feedback about your experiences!  Your support means the Universe to me!!

Here are links to buy:



Amazing Space is a powerful, ethereal and deeply meditative musical journey that will both calm and elevate you! Each piece will re-tune and align a specific chakra, creating an overall sense of harmony and peace. Repeated listening reveals endless depth & insight!

This soundtrack is graced by several special guest musicians, including: Colin Garland, Premik Russell Tubbs, Jessie Reagen-Mann, Vijay Shankar Mishra and Vin Scalia.  I want to thank them for bringing their talents, beauty and love to this project…the collective result, in my opinion, is truly “amazing!”  So much Gratitude.



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