Mt. Fuji – Symphony of Peace Prayers

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I just returned from one of the most beautiful and powerful times in my life, performing at Mt. Fuji for the signing of the Fuji Declaration.  10,000 people came to attend this very important day, to affirm and support the statement and goal, “May Peace Prevail on Earth” and to ignite the “Divine Spark” within humanity.  It was a true honor to be a part of this majestic day.

Towards the beginning of the event I performed a duet with Kenji Williams (director of Bella Gaia) of the piece ININ One Earth Choir.  Later on in the program, I shared a new version of my song, “Ocean In Me,” with the new chorus lyrical addition, “May Peace Prevail on Earth!”  I couldn’t believe how well those words fit so naturally into the already existing melody!  My experience sharing Ocean in Me was profound and I felt a new level of connection between myself and so many open hearts…it was deeply touching and inspiring!

I will continue to carry the “Divine Spark” within and am looking forward to more events like this in the near future…a breath of fresh air for humanity!




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  1. Arpan

    I am so happy for this truly inspiring event that you were an important part of. It is so valuable to have these kinds of events and share them with the rest of the world. This is what your life is all about and it is very uplifting to those who are fortunate enough to listen to your music and feel the realities of peace and light there. Mt. Fuji,Japan was a perfect place to do this and I hope it can be done in many other countries as well someday.So glad and grateful to be part of your music and life. Arpan

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