Day of Healing and Reconciliation

next show  -   BELLA GAIA @ KAUST University, Saudi Arabia

I am honored to be the music director for the Day of Healing and Reconciliation on Sunday, November 13th from 3-5PM.  Our team, lead by Stephen Dinan of the Shift Network, has been working tirelessly for the past month to create this day where ALL people can come together and bridge differences through community, music and wisdom sharing.  Given the turn of events this week, and the fact that so many people are in a deep state of upset, I feel that this time on Sunday will be a great blessing…an opportunity to feel supported.  I totally get that many will not be ready for this step…and that’s ok too.  I know music has a great capacity to unify and heal…to remind us of our own unique gifts and pathways in life.  And for that reason, I wake up every day and keep playing.  Love you all.

Here are the pieces I will be playing at Day of Healing and Reconciliation:




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