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Day of Healing and Reconciliation

I am honored to be the music director for the Day of Healing and Reconciliation on Sunday, November 13th from 3-5PM.  Our team, lead by Stephen Dinan of the Shift Network, has been working tirelessly for the past month to create this day where ALL people can come together and

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September, 2016:  BE ~ Cause: Music With A Message A Monthly Awareness Song and Blog by Kristin Hoffmann   Follow me…to the bridge over our differences You just haven’t seen it yet, but it’s beautiful It’s the future of our planet, and we’re looking back At the moment when we

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NPR Living Room Concert on “Echoes” Tonight, May 18th!

I am thrilled to be the featured Living Room Concert artist tonight on the amazing NPR show “Echoes!”  The show is hosted by the wonderful John Diliberto and will be aired on 120 radio stations in the US! Listen to Echoes via your closest radio station ( a list is

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USA Today Reviewed Upcoming Bella Gaia CD!

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I was very excited to see a review posted today by USA Today for our upcoming Bella Gaia CD!  I am so excited myself about how the music has turned out and can’t wait for it to make a sonic entrance into the world this November!  You can learn more

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Becoming co-creators in a world of natural beauty

By Kristin Hoffmann   (As Published in The Ecologist, April 27th, 2014) My love of nature and the Earth started as a young child. My parents regularly took me hiking and I quickly began to appreciate the incredible mysteries and perfect working system that Mother Nature has to offer. By the

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My newest article: Dying into Sonic Bliss: How the Potent Brew of Savasana and Music Changed My Life

Dying into Sonic Bliss: How the Potent Brew of Savasana and Music Changed My Life By Kristin Hoffmann Savasana; otherwise known as “Corpse Pose.” The place at the end our our yoga practice where we lie down and let go, surrendering the body and the mind to the infinite, timeless

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5 Keys to Finding Our Place ~ My lastest article published in Elephant Journal

5 Keys to Finding Our Place. ~ Kristin Hoffmann Via Kristin Hoffmanon Feb 10, 2014 What does it mean to find your place? I’ve heard so many people say this again and again, “I’m just searching for my place in the world.” As a musician, I even wrote a song

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“From Major Label to Liberation” – My new article, published in The Purple Fig Magazine, Jan, 2014

Careers: From Major Label to Liberation When I was signed by Capitol Records at the age of 20, I thought that I was standing on a red carpet to success and fame.  I had been playing and creating music since I was 4 and suddenly if felt as if some grand

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“The Universal Song” – An article I wrote for Namaste Insights Special Edition: The Coming Interspiritual Age

10/10 U.S. Premier of “Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart” in NYC!!

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Kristin Hoffmann Will Sing The U.S. Premier of “Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart”  Presented by Ishrat Ansari At Renee Weiler Concert Hall, NYC, October 10 Fresh from a South American tour, NYC soprano vocalist Kristin Hoffmann brings her incredible talent and angelic voice to a very special concert

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