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NY Music Daily – Live Review
“Hoffmann wrote a wounded, angst-fueled anthem on the spot, a vivid portrait of alienation amidst chaos and the struggle to achieve some kind of balance despite it all.”

The Complete Herbal Guide – “The Human Compass” Album Review
“Kristin Hoffmann is one of music’s hottest and brightest singers around”

“songs with powerful messages that make a statement and break the
silence about who you are and what you represent!”

Infinite Shift – “Unfolding Secrets” Video Feature
“Kristin Hoffmann’s soaring vocals will captivate your heart and draw you into a musical journey.”

Sonic Scoop – “Let Go” Video Premiere
“When you hear that piano on “Let Go” (RISE OF TROY REMIX), you are immediately transported.”

All Voices – Artist Feature
“This singer songwriter sees music as more than just entertainment; but also, a way to bring people together.”

Andrew Cardenas (Grammy winning sound engineer) –
“I heard her voice as the door to the club opened…it just grabbed my heart and said, ‘Come Here MOFO!!!'”

Collected Sounds (
“Kristin’s voice is exceptionally powerful. It’s deep and strong while still being pretty and feminine. That’s a hard line to walk and she does it nicely.”

West County News – Show review by Gregory Lewis:
“Hers is the best new voice I’ve heard in two years.”

“Grace sums up Kristin Hoffmann, the person.  The constancy of her aura on and off stage left me feeling somewhat contemptuous of other performers in recent memory, some of whom are sensationalized far more than they deserve.”

The Valley Advocate – Kendra Thurlow
“Hoffmann sticks to the bare bones – all the better to showcase her voice, which sounds like cotton candy spun by the devil in his spare time.”

Pete Carma – Streetcred Music
“Kristin says she likes to make her audience look inward and go to places they would not normally go..
guess what, she really can do that to you, well at least she did it to me!”

– Village Voice
“Hoffmann is a talented young singer with a great voice whose work marries Stevie Nicks with Fiona Apple.”


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