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Cor Unum, Via Una ~ One Heart, One Way

~ Kristin Hoffmann is on a universal, musical track, a true Camino, a Pilgrim’s way ~

She closes her eyes and focuses on her inner landscape. The atmosphere feels warm and still inside the red walls of a music café. It’s Kristin’s night for a concert.

Her left hand starts to trace the air, making patterns like lace, invisible threads for her voice to follow, thumb and forefinger gathering bits from the matrix of sound. Rhythm, keyboard, and song break open with a subtlety and finesse of pure tone. Her story begins. Her story will become our story:  Cor unum, via una ~ one heart, one way.

Kristin Hoffmann is a singer-songwriter who has a gift, one we can all experience through her ability to be open.  As a human compass, she navigates through her own waters right into ours, with sound, like poetry without words. Her perfect pitch is a serene perfume. We, as an audience, are the witnesses and we watch as she volunteers her soul’s journey.

Personal meaning in her music is secondary. “It’s not really about me,” says Kristin. “Music is my vehicle.” Her voice often feels like a ceremonial language from a deep, universal, sound code. She works with a certain delicacy on a cellular level.

The red walls of the music café enclose us in a net of intimacy, and we watch Kristin trace the air again with her hand, as if writing music in thin air, just for us. We become bonded by her sound that shadows around our silhouettes and pools us together. Her secrets become our secrets.

Kristin says, “Music for me is about communion, a way to bring people together, a reminder of infinite possibility.”

Cor unum, via una  ~ one heart, one way.

It’s startling how vulnerable she is as she calls forth her music. Her voice feels like our own. There is a certain familiarity and it becomes a constant reminder that we all come from sound, that common and planetary heart beat we can feel and recognize. “My goal,” she says, “is to spread love, light, peace, and truth through the vehicle of music and energetic frequencies.”

Her magnetism makes the bond. Her truth is subversive. She is revolutionary.

Cor unum, via una ~ one heart, one way.

Hans Zimmer, brilliant music composer, says, “It’s music’s job to invite your soul back in as an audience to complete your own story.” Kristin indeed invites a new family in at each performance. As an audience we feel renewed and reconnected to not only our personal, but also our collective memory.

Through her unique technique of retrieving sound, she passes on an ancient lineage of belief in the sacred energy channels in the body. In the Vedas, a large compilation of Sanskrit texts originating in ancient India, it is written that there are 72,000 energy points in the human body, called Nadis. 108 of them meet in the sacred heart. Thus, there are 108 beads on a mala, a devotional garland for prayer recitation, and the repetition of 108 sacred phrases in a mantra, a repetitive chant. All these disciplines help open the body and mind to a more subtle state. Kristin activates this subtlety in the heart’s core and lifts her message into otherworldly spheres, calling her music “etheric renaissance pop.”

She delves into experiential modalities similar to those in Quantum Physics, which states that from the smallest level of matter, the Quantum level, a particle can exist in many places at the same time, yet still be only one thing. For Kristin, her music becomes her tool to carve out a new place for many. It tunes us up emotionally and in turn we are flooded with a sense of home, a universal oneness.

Elbert Hubbard, a writer-philosopher from the early 19th century, wrote, “Art can be a lift from the mass of daily life and mind’s overflow, a relief from all that distracts. If we could only catch it in immortal amber.”  Kristin’s music creates a safety net to hold us while we search for ourselves.

Genuine music infuses the voice with the same qualities as the earth: in its weather, a gentle rain; in its sunlight, a clear and bright truth; in its wind, a breath of change; in its spinning planet, the pulse of one. Kristin’s music feels like that, like it weaves a cloak around all souls to protect us from the fiercest storm.

George Harrison, the quiet Beatle, once said, “If there is a god, you must see him. If there is a soul you must perceive it. You can’t believe until you have direct perception of it.”  Kristin’s ability to share her music is very direct. As she opens, we open. Her artistic altruism becomes our magnetic North.

It’s thrilling. It’s catching. She scatters seeds of her songs, as if carried by beaks of birds, to be mixed in the wind for those who will hear her message. She asks us to be completely present and sends us on our own Camino, our own way, with more strength, bravery, and truth in our hearts.

Kristin Hoffmann is our guide, our human compass.

Cor unum, via una ~ one heart, one way.

Marcella Brown ~ profiles writer ~ November 19, 2013


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