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Sonic Scoop – Advanced DIY: Log Cabin Recording with Kristin Hoffman


Impose Magazine – Feature/Review of “Ghosts” (Rise of Troy Remix from Upcoming EP “The Human Compass: New Directions)

-“‘Ghosts’ rises to a paranormal electro­holistic state of existence.”

–  “Kristin’s vocals are wrapped in the purple skies of 80s film closing ballads that move in slow motion, replete with smoke screens, wind fans, all after the climatic arc and cuing the credit roll.”­hoffmann­ghosts­rise­of­troy­remix

NY Music Daily – “The Human Compass” Review

“Although she hardly shies away from real­world concerns, her moody chamber­pop songs tend to be more inward­ directed, blending neoromantic piano, terse lyrics and Hoffmann’s nuanced, sometimes delicate, sometimes explosive vocals.”


NY Music Daily –  10/10 Concert Live Review

“Hoffmann wrote a wounded, angst­-fueled anthem on the spot, a vivid portrait of alienation amidst chaos and the struggle to achieve some kind of balance despite it all.”


Caffe Vivaldi Show Review by Tom Henigman

My recent foray into New York City included an evening at the Caffe Vivaldi in Greenwich Village where a most enchanting artist, Kristin Hoffmann, showcased her alluring musical genius. The standing-room-only crowd witnessed an expertly crafted amalgamation of styles, masterfully woven together and exquisitely presented with an incredible precision. Kristin’s smooth as silk voice was not confined to a singular carriage, but rather was a delightfully impeccable suffusion of techniques, merging succulent tastes of zesty pop and smooth jazz, intimately tailored to the song and perfectly seasoned by her impeccable execution.

The total experience truly defies description. While so many musical performances are a hodgepodge of songs thrown together to fill a time slot, Kristin’s presentation was an impressive enterprise of purity and balanced proportion. From the measured strength of ‘The Magic’, to the compelling renderings of ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Let Go’, to the subtle ethereal articulation of ‘Re-Entry’ and ‘Falling’, we find ourselves transported on a journey with purpose — that of engaging the artist and the audience on a transcendental campaign of dynamic resonant intensity. The sterling dispatch of the eminently divine ‘It Sings In You’ served as the sublime culmination of a most inspiring musical symposium.

Kristin Hoffmann is endowed with a unique style coupled with a powerfully moving voice, and is obviously a woman with a passion for perfection.  Innovative and intensely interesting, truly engulfing and full of emotion, the Kristin Hoffmann experience is both immensely enjoyable and deeply touching at the same time. At the conclusion of the concert, you realize that she has achieved a most perfect balance.



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