Song for the Ocean

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“We are all connected by the Ocean.  Our everyday actions affect the world in which we live and all creatures sharing this planet.”

NEW YORK, NY –Kristin Hoffmann wrote her “Song for the Ocean” when she performed as the featured artist at the “Speak St. Pete” ocean convention in St. Petersburg Florida. “Speak St. Pete” was attended by many top scientists, ocean researchers, and conservationists including Phillipe Cousteau, Dr. Noel Brown and Dr. Frank Muller-Karger and focused on urgent actions needed to protect and restore the seas.

“About a week before the convention, the melody and lyrics just poured into me one night and I recorded the song right away.” says Hoffmann.  On stage, she taught the entire audience of 1000 the chorus to “Song for the Ocean” and invited them to sing along with her.  As they sang, they stood and recommitted themselves to healing the oceans.  “I looked out at the audience of people, all different ages and backgrounds.  Many people were holding hands and crying.  It was powerful, potent, and evident to me right away how much impact singing together can have.  When people share an emotional bonding experience together It can go far deeper than merely listening to a lecture.  It can bring a new awareness back into their everyday lives.  A song can be sung again and again, carrying the message into each individual life as a constant musical reminder for change.  I thought how powerful it could be if a million people sang this song and created a huge wave of awareness  and action growing out of the music.”. At the end of the convention, Dr. Noel Brown stood up and predicted that Kristin’s “Song for the Ocean” would be the future “Anthem for the Ocean”.
Subsequently, Hoffmann created a beautiful music video, with Colin Garland of Global Classroom, and website featuring the song and its message at:

She has been singing “Song for the Ocean” with school groups, choruses, at her own shows around the world and even recently performed on the esteemed TEDxSF!   Several performances have already been added to the site.  Kristin has been ecstatic to receive videos and emails from people around the world who are singing on their own as well, in places as far away as Taiwan, Australia, Wales and Mexico, to name a few.  Her vision for  “Song for the Ocean” is to inspire a million people to join her in singing the song and establish it as the official “Anthem for the Ocean”.  “As we sing, let’s hold the vision of a healthy planet in our hearts, and make a commitment to be a part of positive change in whatever ways we can.”

Be among the million voices singing for change!! Record or videotape your chorus, group, or choir singing the “Song for the Ocean” (or sing it yourself) and upload the video to YouTube (  Everyone who submits a video or emails participant  names to will be included as one of the million voices singing for change.

This is my favorite new live “Song for the Ocean” video, submitted by Marrickvile Public School in Australia!

MPS Ocean Choir from Summer Hill Media on Vimeo.

Kristin Hoffmann is a singer/songwriter based in New York City. You can learn more about her at the “Song for the Ocean” site. For more details please visit •


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